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Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

Computer Forensics
More and more, our lives revolve around our electronic devices. Information contained in computers, tablets, and mobile devices can be extremely valuable when conducting an investigation. We often use computer and mobile devices to assist us in our investigations.

Deleted text messages and phone records can be used to uncover key information.


Mobile Phone Forensics
Similar to monitoring a person’s computer activity, electronic surveillance of mobile phones is quickly becoming a very effective and practical method of gathering valuable information. Geographical information can sometimes be tracked and is extremely helpful when determining where a subject may have been. In some cases, recovered data such as deleted text messages and phone records can be used to uncover key information. Evidence extracted from electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets can pay huge dividends in infidelity and child custody investigations.

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Is It Legal?

One must keep in mind, there are laws that delineate who can perform different kinds of electronic investigative techniques as well as how and when different kinds of forensic can be extracted from devices. These rules are strict and the rules of the game are constantly changing, because there are so many ways that this type of surveillance can be used to invade privacy.

Our chief computer forensics technician has decades of experience extracting valuable information from every kind of electronic device, both as a police detective, investigating high-level drug cases and homicides as well as child custody, infidelity and work-related investigations.  He is constantly learning the newest techniques and methods as well as staying on top of the legal aspects of what is doable and what isn’t.


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