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Why do I need Counter Surveillance Measures?

These days, almost anyone can get their hands on surveillance devices, or bugs, that can be hidden in your offices or residence. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, also known as TSCM, or bug sweeps can help uncover covert listening and video surveillance devices.


We have found hidden cameras planted by boyfriends, bosses, landlords and ex-spouses.


Unfortunately, illegal wiretapping and surveillance is easier to do than ever. Spouses often plant electronic surveillance devices in their own homes to try to gather evidence for divorce. We have found hidden cameras planted by boyfriends, bosses, landlords and ex-spouses.

Our bug sweeps are handled by a technical investigator who is specially trained to find surveillance measures. He has special equipment which he has several years of training and experience with to find any evidence of electronic surveillance.

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Common Bugs & Devices


Common Bugs and Surveillance Devices

Hidden cameras: as technology improves cameras are getting better and smaller. Small cameras can be hidden anywhere now or even disguised as anything from air purifiers to smoke detectors.

Cell Phone Spy Software: monitoring software downloaded to a mobile phone that can record calls, view complete web history and record the sound from the surroundings of the phone.

Wiretapping: an interception of telephone communication through the telephone signal.

Audio Surveillance: microphone device placed in an area to monitor and record communication. Like cameras, these can be hidden just about anywhere now and disguised as something as harmless as a power strip.

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