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The Manhattan Background Investigation Process

We conduct investigations quickly, reliably and provide certainty as to who or what he was dealing with.

The information-gathering starts when you call our office. One of our investigators will take the time to find out exactly what your situation is, what your needs are and what your timeline looks like (How soon you need the information back).

If necessary, creative approaches will be discussed such as surveillance, a trash pull and/or interviews of past neighbors, co-workers or family members in order to provide additional details about the subject of the background investigation…all of which can be done with or without the subject’s knowledge.


We conduct investigations quickly, reliably and provide certainty


Expect to be asked about the variables already known about the subject, such as information possible dangers and risks involved as well as the purpose of the investigation.  We will also discuss the opportunities any discovered information might enable you to capture and what benefits might come of any uncovered information.

Once clear on your needs and expectations, our team of experienced researchers and investigators will get to work using their systems, checklists and resources in researching, discovering, examining and literally “tearing up” everywhere the subject has lived, worked or had any kind of presence.

All court records will be verified by on-site court researchers.  (They can usually pull records from a County courthouse anywhere in the United States within one business day).

Additionally, the investigators at Manhattan will conduct Internet research on your subject, researching information on social networking sitesand as well as relevant information in the “deep web,” including websites and Internet pages that “no longer even exist!” Subscription-required genealogical and media archives will also be scoured, including newspapers and television news portals.

The Update

A couple of days after requesting your report, you will receive an update call.  We will let you know what we’ve discovered so far, what kind of information we might still be waiting on and when the investigation can be expected to be completed.

The Final Report

Finally, with all resources checked, along with the results of each of those checks documented in a comprehensive report that in a structured in a way that will enable you to cut through all of the clutter giving you the confidence and clarity of knowing that all of your bases have been covered and you are fully-informed.

We don’t just look for what is obviously there…Our experience is what enables our investigators to read between the lines and discover relationships between seemingly unrelated data.

After reviewing the completed, final report, you will know everything you need to know that you could know.

Please note, we do not perform Pre-Employment Background Investigations unless the subject of the investigation is applying for a job where they will be earning over $75,000/year. This way, we can ignore the restrictions placed on such “checks” by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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