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The 6 Most Common Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Do you suspect you are being lied to, but don’t know how to prove it?

In our ten years in business proving infidelity, we have identified the most common indicators that a significant other is being unfaithful…


  • Unusual cell phone activity.  Is your partner getting up and walking out of the room when a call comes in their cell phone rings? Is their phone glued to their body, even when they’re sleeping? Does their cell phone have a password all of the sudden? Although none of these are concrete proof, these are all serious red flags.
  • Increasingly inaccessible.  Of course, there are always going to be times when someone just can’t get to the phone or, maybe the cell phone reception just isn’t good, but these rare circumstances seem to spike when an affair is taking place.  Are there unexplained absences or periods of inaccessibility? Repeated, flimsy stories that can’t in any way be substantiated…especially when you know the person should be available are the follow-up to these situations.
  • Suspicious Internet activity.  This is very similar to what you’ll find with cell phones, but on the computer.  Is there suddenly a password to get by in order to get on-line? Have you seen or felt the panic in them when you surprise them by walking in the room and they rush to X out windows or do they just close down the computer suddenly? Have you checked their Internet history? Another common cover-up technique is to regularly delete their browsing history.


We have identified the most common indicators that a significant other is being unfaithful…


  • New underwear/clothes that you’ve never seen.  Although I’m not telling anyone to snoop around (It comes natural to me), it never ceases to amaze me how many of our clients have told me that their spouse has kinky and/or erotic undergarments in their underwear drawer that have never seen before.  Has your partner recently started washing their own clothes?
  • Lying/Evasiveness. Of course, lying goes hand in hand with infidelity.  In most cases, the cheater thinks they are that much smarter than everyone else, and so they simply tell lies when necessary to cover their tracks.  However, once suspicions are aroused and the cheater is confronted on a few inconsistent matters, things become more complicated for them.  Lies become entangled with other lies that they’ve told to others and it soon becomes very stressful for them to keep everything straight.  The most next step is for the liar to withdraw, and avoid, or at least minimize any conversations with those they’ve been lying to.  By disengaging (often under the guise of some unrelated, often-fabricated argument), they hope to avoid digging themselves into any deeper of a hole.
  • Picking fights.  This one isn’t as common as some of the others, but we are seeing more and more of it.  The cheater will actually start picking fights and creating turbulence in the relationship to create a gap and give themselves some breathing room…either so they can avoid having to answer questions or just to be able to spend more time with their new “friend.”

If any of the above signs look familiar to you, call us now, because you are definitely going to want to hear what I have to say…

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Being lied to, & can’t prove it?


We are expert at identifying the indicators that a significant other is being unfaithful.  Suffice it to say, the creativity and boldness that can be spawned from a person “in love” can be nothing short of spectacular.  The important thing is to be able to spot the red-flags for what they are when you do see them and to use them to your advantage instead of to continue on being a victim of the situation.

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