Manhattan Investigations

Founder & CEO

Paul Baeppler

Founder & CEO

Paul Baeppler

Besides handling a good amount of fieldwork, himself, Paul has cultivated an incredible network of the most-experienced, best-trained and best-connected people within the investigative and legal communities.  There is not much we can’t get done when it comes to private investigations.

With a fully-staffed office, the team at Manhattan Investigations is extremely responsive.  The office staff knows how and where to find information fast…on the phone, through our specialized databases and through our networks


There is not much we can’t get done when it comes to private investigations.


The field investigators at Manhattan Investigations have an average of over 20 years of investigative experience (combined law enforcement and private investigation). 

Notice: We do not and will not do criminal defense work (We don’t do work for criminal defense attorneys or their clients). We are owned and operated by current police officers and it would be considered a conflict of interest. Furthermore, we have no interest in this type of work.

Our surveillance and investigative work is conducted by the most experienced and effective investigators available.


About Paul Baeppler

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  • Owner; Manhattan Investigations; licensed as Private Investigation/Security Provider in the state of New York.
  • Owner; Integrity Investigations; licensed as “Class A” Private Investigation/Security Provider in Ohio since 2004
  • Sergeant; Cleveland Division of Police since 1993.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies from Kent State University
  • Covert Electronic Surveillance Training